7 Closet Organizing Ideas

Is your closet a mess, or you don’t have enough space for all your items to find their place? Keeping our closets organized and clean can be a hard task to conquer. Here’s a creative way to arrange and organize the shelves in your closet. Now, all your clothes, shoes, bags and other stuff can be easily accessible to you, and plus you can make some free space for other things. See our tips below!

Linen Lineup Closet

95d7473b4d427130cc5c59d4290277e9Project and photos credit to bhg.com

Walk-in Closet

f66579b1221e1fd1540c120b459aa526Project and photos credit to Stylitics

Classic Bedroom Closet

8Project and photos credit to skonahem.com

Big White Closet

5Project and photos credit to Stylitics

Sun Light Closet

4Project and photo credit to pinimg.com

Flower-touch Closet

ruziProject and photos credit to Stylitics

Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet

carrie-bradshaw-closetProject and photos credit to chicstripes.wordpress.com