7 Creative and Practical DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

Every one of us very often needs just a little more space in the bathroom. We usually don’t have big storage area and we don`t have where to put all our stuff. Sometimes the solution is in front of our eyes, but we don`t see it. We present you 7 DIY ideas to wake up your sense for crafts. Make a perfect bathroom where all your stuff will be complete neat and it will look elegant and fancy. These DIY projects are for all, you only need a simple equipment and good imagination.

Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas


DIY project and photos credit to shelterness.com

Creative Bathroom Storage


DIY project and photos credit to bhg.com

Driftwood Below the Sink

swanwhitecurtain.blogspot._com___2009_10_01_archive.___html-630x567DIY project and photos credit to blogspot.com

Makeup Storage

shelterness._com_33-cool-makeup-storage-ideas_pictures_8589_DIY project and photos credit to shelterness.com

Bathroom with Baskets

theinspiredroom._net_2013_01_03_bathroom-storage-ideas_DIY project and photos credit to theinspiredroom.net

Decorative Shelves Bathroom

cooledeko.de_interior-design__praktische-badezimmer-organisation-ideen._htmlDIY project and photos credit to cooledeko.de

Organized Bathroom

homebestdesign._com_17-bathroom-design-ideas-2013_17-design-bathroom-ideas-2013-17_-630x589DIY project and photos credit to homebestdesign.com