7 DIY Fruit Decor

Fruit should be your first choice of snack..The list of healthy benefits is endless.So why not decorating your favorite fruits for yourself and your family?Especially if you have kids..they just love to eat junk foods so decorating their plate with fun looking fruits  is a great idea.These creative ideas are amazing for birthdays,baby showers,cocktail parties and other celebrations.We gathered seven cute of how to decorate fruits.Use whatever fruit you like and assemble to please the eye.Have fun!

Fruit Salad Cube

550px-Make-a-Fruit-Salad-Cube-Step-4 (1)

DIY project and photos credit to wikihow.com

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

rainbow-fruit-skewersDIY project and photos credit to babble.com

Fruit Flower Bouquet

Baby-Shower-Bouquet-Ideas-fruit-flowers-1024x680DIY project and photos credit to babycareanswers.com

Fruit Cake

19727_349928141782530_154337522_nDIY project and photos credit to whitedoveinc.com

Watermelon Grill

Watermelon-Grill-4DIY project and photos credit to sheknows.com

Fruit Waffle Cones

065a2f331fe0dc49b4ab2a1ebae114e9DIY project and photos credit to beautifulgirlmovement.com

Fruit Bouquet

6ce91095ea3631ed52b1e87e0ce3b571DIY project and photos credit to partiesforpennies.com