7 DIY Fun Jewelry Holders

 Jewelry holders are genius in my opinion. Not just because it looks nice, but it is functional. You can wear pieces that you normally forget, because they are buried under a pile of things. These jewelry holders will give you an easier approach to your jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ext.). The jewelry holders will add up fanciness in your room

DIY Jewelry Holders


DIY project & photo credit to mybeautifulcrazylifex33.blogspot.com

Utensil Holder to Jewelry Hanger


DIY project & photo credit to dearemmeline.blogspot.com

White Jewelry Holder

_DSC4768 copy

DIY project & photo credit to toddlindsey.com

DIY Window Frame Jewelry


DIY project & photo credit to torispelling.com

DIY Jewelry Holder


DIY project & photo credit to mamiejanes.blogspot.com

DIY Cork-Infused Jewelry Holder


DIY project & photo credit to collegegloss.com

DIY Tree Jewelry Holder


DIY project & photo credit to alinarose.pl