7 Fun Foods For Kids

All parents want their kids to eat healthy and to be happy and have fun. But sometimes it’s good for the grown-ups to let loose and remember what it was really like to be a kid. Instead of telling the kids not to play with their food, the parents should start doing just that. By putting a bit of creativity, a little time and effort and a tiny amount of skill into preparing the meals for your kids, you will make your kids eat almost anything and have all the while having fun. Try out these simple recipes and enjoy your kid’s smiles.

The Octopus Hot Dog Recipe

The Octopus Hot Dog Recipe

Recipe & photo credit to mymothermode.com

Kids Pizza Racers

kids pizza racers

Recipe & photo credit to steamykitchen.com

Ladybug Pasta Salad and other noodle dishes for kids 

Ladybug Pasta Salad

Recipe & photo credit to intheknowmom.net

Mini Fish Pie Faces

Mini fish pie faces

Recipe & photo credit to goodtoknow.co.uk

Chocolate Cereal Animals

Chocolate cereal animals

Recipe & photo credit to goodtoknow.co.uk

Minion Cookies

Minion Cookies

Recipe & photo credit to stasty.com

How to Make Mini Diner Treats


Recipe & photo credit to cakejournal.com