7 Healthy Juice Recipes

A glass of freshly squeezed juice in the morning is perfect to start your day. Skip the cup of coffee in the morning and get energized in a healthier way. Besides being incredibly delicious, a little juice can go a long way when it comes to your health. The packs you get at the store do not contain the fruit juice in its natural form. They have added artificial sweeteners and all the good-for-you minerals, vitamins and nutrients are destroyed in the process of making them. They also increase the calorie intake, but lack the various benefits fresh juice offers. For those of you new to juicing, we’ve selected a few recipes packed with fruits and vegetables to help you get started.

Strawberry Juice

juice1Recipe and Photo credit to juicerecipes.com

Apple, Pear and Spinach Juice

juice2Recipe and Photo credit to taste.com.au

Citrus Juice

juice3Recipe and Photo credit to rebootwithjoe.com

Pineapple Papaya Juice

juice4Recipe and Photo credit to marthastewart.com

Vegetable Juice

juice5Recipe and Photo credit to mensfitness.com

Carrot Juice

juice6Recipe and Photo credit to rebootwithjoe.com

Beet Juice

juice7Recipe and Photo credit to eatingwell.com