7 Homemade Beauty Products

There are tons of reasons why whipping up a homemade beauty recipe is smarter than splurging on a store-bought product. In addition to being cheap, anything you make at home will be completely natural, because you can avoid artificial chemicals. It’s also good news for those of you worried about animal testing and anyone wanting to be eco-friendly. So, throw out all those bottles of commercial products and replace them with your own, just as luxurious and fragrant counterparts. To get you started, we suggest you try some of these easy-to-prepare formulas.

Body Scrub

bodyscrubDIY Project and Photo credit to acozykitchen.com

Body Butter

butterDIY Project and Photo credit to smallhomelove.com

Lip Gloss

SONY DSCDIY Project and Photo credit to soapdelinews.com

Hair Conditioner

conditionerDIY Project and Photo credit to theredheadriter.com

Facial Toner

tonerDIY Project and Photo credit to paisleyboulevard.com

Makeup Remover

removerDIY Project and Photo credit to dailymom.com


deoDIY Project and Photo credit to wellnessmama.com