7 Homemade Masks for Every Hair Type

With all the weather changes going on right now and winter nearing, your hair could get really dry and damaged. Not to mention all the teasing, blow-drying, coloring, heat styling and everything else we do to make our hair look perfect when going out on the town. Getting a hair treatment done at a salon can be pricey, so why not pamper yourself with these homemade treatments that will leave your tresses looking luxurious and shiny in no time! You can easily make these hair masks in minutes and most of the ingredients are things lying around your kitchen anyway, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on your hair and it will all be without the extra cost of special hair care products or unneeded chemicals. Keep this regular and you’ll always have shiny, bouncy hair!

For Hair Growth

mask1Recipe and Photo credit to beautyandtips.com

For Oily Hair

mask2Recipe and Photo credit to ko-te.com

For Dry Hair

mask3Recipe and Photo credit to scentdaily.blogspot.ca

For Volume

mask4Recipe and Photo credit to diyfashion.com

For Split Ends

Split endsRecipe and Photo credit to lakshmintrance.com

For Dandruff

mask6Recipe and Photo credit to diybeautytutorials.blogspot.com

For Colored Hair

mask7Recipe and Photo credit to wholeliving.com