7 Shoe Box Crafts

Do you have unused shoe boxes in your closet and don’t have idea what to do with them?Well don`t throw them away yet.Here we have some cool DIY projects to put your old shoe boxes to good use. You might think that these ways to re purpose shoe boxes only comprise of organizing ideas but there is a long list of possibilities.Depending on the size, you can use them for picture frames,wall shelves,kids toys even a charging station.They can be quite useful, you just need to be creative.So what are you waiting for?Have fun!

Shoe Boxes Wall Art

chevron3redoDIY project and photos credit to spunkyjunky.blogspot.com

Shoe Box Picture Frame

recycled-magazine-frame-on-red-wall-mediumDIY project and photos credit to homemadesimple.com

Shoe Boxes Make Up Storage


DIY project and photos credit to peachfizzz.blogspot.com

Map Covered Shoe Boxes

box2DIY project and photos credit to iwearthecanvas.blogspot.com

Shoe Boxes Wall Shelves

DIY-Project-Make-Colorful-Geometric-Wall-Shelves-Ledge-Shoebox-Display-How-To-TutorialDIY project and photos credit to cremedelacraft.com

Shoe Box Kid Toy

506a152874c5b64afe000b82._w.490_h.343_s.fit_DIY project and photos credit to blog.ocechou.com

Shoe Box Charging Station

clx0108sim_002-deDIY project and photos credit to curbly.com