7 Simple Sushi Recipes

Sushi is one of Japan’s traditional dishes where the main ingredients of rice and raw fish. When we think of sushi the first image that comes to mind is raw fish-meat and rice wrapped in nori (seaweed), which is only one of several ways to prepare a sushi. Today there are many variations of the traditional sushi types, mainly because of the ingredients that are used and the manner that the sushi is prepared. Here we present seven of the more traditional or at least more common sushi recipes you can prepare at home.

Vegetable Sushi {recipe} – No Fish Sushi


Recipe & photo credit to tastespotting.com

Tempura Razor Clam Sushi

Tempura Razor Clam Sushi

Recipe & photo credit to fat-of-the-land.blogspot.com

Sushi / Ceviche: A Japanese / Peruvian Fusion

Sushi Ceviche A Japanese Peruvian Fusion

Recipe & photo credit to frombatoparis.com

Sushi Napolean, For Kicks

Sushi Napolean, for kicks

Recipe & photo credit to nofaceplate.blogspot.com

Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll) 


Recipe & photo credit to justonecookbook.com

Inari Zushi

Inari Zushi

Recipe & photo credit to humblebeanblog.com

Homemade Sushi: Nigiri and Gunkanmaki Style

Homemade SushiNigiri and Gunkanmaki Style

Recipe & photo credit to adventures-in-cooking.com