7 Smart and Cool Compact Tables

Organizing our living and working space is very important. Our kitchen should be always well organized so we can cook and move easily. Our studio should also be clean and always in order, so we don’t waste time on looking for things but working and being productive. Our living room should be always comfortable and welcoming, ready for girls talks, parties etc. So live smart! You don’t need big, massive sofas or TABLES.
Usually tables are trouble makers. For example, in cases of big families, the space  (in a small apartment) is precious. So make your table shrink or disappear…

All in One


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Night Table – Coffee Table

Креативни идеи за ентериер - 01

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Compact Dining Set


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Folding Table


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Picture Frame – Table



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Coffee Table – Dining Table


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Compact Dressing Table


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