4 most Romantic Movie scenes of all times

Are you ready for a romantic article? We have created this post for those who enjoy watching love dramas, to give them suggestion for a good movie night if they are not familiar with some of the films or to remind them of the scenes that have melted their hearts and brought tears of joy in their eyes.

1. Titanic

The unforgettable scene when Rose and Jack are embraced at the prow of the Titanic is historical and timeless. If nothing else, the song of Celine Dion “My heart will go on” will be an eternal inspiration for juicy kisses and warm hugs. The beauty in this scene is the passionate kiss between the main characters.

most romantic scenes of all times

2. When Harry met Sally

The moment when Harry states love to Sally and among the words he is saying to her that she have wrinkles around the nose.

The most romantic movie scenes of all time

3. Romeo and Juliet

Maybe you never consider that the aquarium might be romantic, but Romeo and Juliet, the love couple doomed to failure had their first romantic encounter here while the song “Kissing you” from the soundtrack is playing in the behind.


4. The notebook 

Although it is really difficult to choose only one scene from this wonderful movie, the moment when Noah says to Ali “If you’re a bird I’m a bird” is one of the most romantic, among many.

the most romantic movie scenes of all time