Tips to Creating A Spa Day at Home

Every woman loves a spa day.  It is day where we can forget about the worries and troubles in our lives.  It is a day of relaxation and pampering.  But we don’t always have money to go out and have one.  Unfortunately, we can’t always afford to do that. One solution:  have a do-it-yourself spa day.  Buying the products we like, we are able to create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace right at home for a fraction of the cost.



Every spa day includes a facial.  From peel-off masks to rejuvenizers, there are products available on the market now that will do everything a professional facial will do.  Using things like a cucumber/melon peel off mask, an exfoliator and a pore minimize will help your face look fresh and beautiful.  The range of these products is endless, and so is the price.  Ranging from a few dollars to over $50.00, finding the things you want to use is a simple matter of deciding what you want and going to the store.

You can also make your own facial items at home. With masks and scrubbers for every skin type, the possibilities are endless.  There are several internet sites that offer recipes, as well as books for sale.  Finding the recipe and the ingredients, theses masks are a ecologically healthy choice.  While some recipes will keep well, others don’t.  Be sure to read not only the ingredients, but the storage requirements for them and the finished product so you don’t over stock on them.


Woman Resting in Bath
Every spa day includes some form of relaxing bath.  This is very simple to do at home.  Using scents, such as lavender, rose, clary sage, and sandalwood, you can add them to your bath water.  Easily found in health food stores, hobby stores and where ever essence oils are found.

You can also use an aromatherapy candle.  The hottest new rage, you can find them in just about every shop that has candles.  These candles use the scent that can relax, rejuvenate or revitalize our energy.  Lighting one in the bathroom while taking a warm bath is a wonderful way to give your self the relaxation you find in the spa.

There are also over the counter products that you can add to your bath, such as bath oil beads, bath salts and of course, the old standby, bubble bath solution.  These come in so many varieties, it is only a matter of picking out what you would like.




When you are at the spa, you can choose to get an exfoliation.  This removes dead cells and dirt from your skin, leaving it fresh and soft.  You can do this at home.  Buying an item such as a loofa sponge will help you to remove all that excess debris from your skin.

Along with this, you can use pumice stones on your feet to help remove dead, dried areas and callouses .  A Pediaegg gives you not only the pumice stone, but the callous grater.  Easy to use, it comes traps the dead skin inside and underneath the top. Simple to clean, just remove the top and empty.



There are a lot of products available commercially for our hair.  A better choice is those you can make at home.  They have fewer harsh chemicals than over the counter products.  There are recipes and ideas for every hair type.

You can do a hot oil treatment at home, a shampoo and condition.  There are even recipes for leave in conditioners and deep conditioners.  They include items like eggs, mayonnaise, chamomile and avocado.  All of these ingredients are healthy for your hair and produces less build up than commercially produced items.