7 Balanced One Pot Meals

The pace the world moves today is fast and hectic. We often barely have time to prepare one, yet alone several meals so we can have that balanced nutrition that is the health advice of every doctor and nutritionist. Often we choose to consume one food group in our meals. However, there is one way we can have it all – with the so-called one pot meal. The secret is that it has everything that we want and need it to have: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all stuffed in one delicious pot. Here is how you can make your own balanced one pot meal.

New England Clam Chow-Duh!

New England Clam Chow-Duh

Recipe & photo credit to goodforthepalate.com

One Pot Rice With Salmon

One Pot Rice with Salmon

Recipe & photo credit to pigpigscorner.com

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Chickpeas and Feta 


Recipe & photo credit to sporkorfoon.com

Housewarming Chili

Housewarming Chili

Recipe & photo credit to sitesnbites.com

Seafood Cioppino


Recipe & photo credit to mjandhungryman.com

One Pot Mexican Skillet Pasta

One Pot Mexican Skillet Pasta

Recipe & photo credit to damndelicious.net

Cinnamon and Egyptian Safflower Spiced Lamb

Cinnamon and Egyptian Safflower Spiced Lamb

Recipe & photo credit to spiciefoodie.com