7 Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can Make Yourself

December is slowly approaching and that means we need to start preparing for the winter holidays. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, head over to the nearest craft store and pick up some clear glass or plastic ornaments, because Christmas is nearing and decorating the Christmas tree is always a lot of fun! Making ball ornaments is just so simple and there are so many variations. Give your Christmas tree a heartfelt touch with the handmade ornament craft ideas and feel proud of yourself every time you look at your beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

Hallelujah Christmas Ornament Sphere

ornam1DIY Project and Photo credit to 7layerstudio.typepad.com

Glass Glitter Ornaments

ornam2DIY Project and Photo credit to brittanymakes.com

Christmas Ornaments from Old Necklaces

ornam3DIY Project and Photo credit to diynetwork.com

Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

ornam4DIY Project and Photo credit to practicallyfunctional.com

Fabric Christmas Ornaments

ornam5DIY Project and Photo credit to shanty-2-chic.com

Christmas Ornaments with Buttons

ornam6DIY Project and Photo credit to tethered2home.com

Candy Sprinkles Christmas Ornaments

ornam7DIY Project and Photo credit to littlegrayfox.blogspot.com