7 DIY Easy Desserts

We gathered seven ideas for amazing dessert recipes which will impress your family and friends.And the good news is you don`t have to be master chef or spend hours in the kitchen to make them. They are perfect way to surprise your guests at some special occasion too.The listed desserts include chocolate,strawberry,vanilla even Oreo cookies.. sounds delicious right? So what are you waiting for?Finish your meal on a sweet note.Our make-ahead recipes will help keep things simple.

Strawberry Basil Shortcake

strawberry-shortcakeDIY project and photos credit to honestlyyum.com

S`mores Ice Cream Sandwich

smores-ice-cream-sammie-1DIY project and photos credit to thechicsite.com

Oreo Cookie Pudding Shots

tumblr_mu3lq8ei5Y1qgf0w3o3_500DIY project and photos credit to wikihow.com

Chocolate & Raspberry Pie

E95A8881DIY project and photos credit to passionforbaking.com

Cannoli Dip

cannoli-dip8.DIY project and photos credit to cookingclassy.com

German Chocolate Cake

german-chocolate-cake-for-one_thumbDIY project and photos credit to chocolatecoveredkatie.com

Peanut Butter Cookie

1-Giant-Reeses-Peanut-Butter-CookieDIY project and photos credit to sallysbakingaddiction.com