7 DIY Fashionable Bracelet

All of us, ladies always need one more bracelet, no matter how much we have. So here are some easy ideas to make one on your own for free. They can be quickly made with what you have in your home. You will only need some little pieces of ropes, yarn and so on. You will enjoy making this bracelets because  they are easy, fun and they even sparkle. Just do it.

Gold and Pink Bracelet

35628-Diy-BraceletDIY project & photo credit to lovethispic.com

Happy Bracelet

32331-Diy-Pink-Fashionable-BraceletDIY project & photo credit to lovethispic.com

Ribbon Bracelet

35857-Diy-Ribbon-BraceletDIY project & photo credit to lovethispic.com

Ribbon and Beads Bracelet

29037-Make-A-Bracelet-With-Ribbon-And-BeadsDIY project & photo credit to pandahall.com

Braided Anchor Bracelet

22228-Diy-Braided-Anchor-BraceletDIY project & photo credit to lovethispic.com

Yarn bracelet

2DIT project & photo credit to matterofstyle.blogspot.com

Your Name Bracelet

33598-Diy-Your-Name-BraceletDIY project & photo credit to http://bornineightytwo.com/2012/12/28/diy-your-name-bracelet/