7 DIY Furniture Paint Decorations Ideas

If you already have bored of your old furniture and you want to change it, you are in the right place.  This diy will help you make your old furniture to look more interesting and just like new. First of all, you don’t have to throw away the old furniture.  There are many clever ideas to make it look modern, fabulous and interesting. One of them is to paint it or decorate with stencil and paint. You will be surprised how wonderful it would be. You can pick up a piece of furniture from a garage sale and paint it in your background color or purchase an inexpensive piece from a store that already has the right background.

DIY Herringbone Dresser


DIY project and photos credit to livelovediy.com

DIY A Vintage Transitional Dresser


DIY project and photos credit to becauseiliketodecorate.com

DIY Stencil Furniture


DIY project and photos credit to cuttingedgestencils.com

DIY Painted Furniture


DIY project and photos credit to yourhomeonlybetter.com

DIY Florentine Furniture Painting


DIY project and photos credit to ornamentalist.net

DIY Chalk Painted Vanity and Mirror Transformation


DIY project and photos credit to serendipityrefined.com

DIY Night Stand

night-stand-before-and-afterDIY project and photos credit to decoratedlife.com