7 DIY Happy Birthday Cards

What better way to wish someone a happy birthday than with a unique card that you have made it by yourself. It takes a little more time, of course, but It`s a lovely surprise for your friends and loved ones.They will appreciate your effort!We’ve selected seven DIY cards that will make any birthday celebration more special.You can use them for other occasions too.Choose your favorite and let`s get started.All these happy birthday cards are super easy to create so have fun!

Happy Birthday Banner Card

13DIY project and photos credit to thecraftsdept.marthastewart.com

Happy Birthday Pop Up Card

ecd22ab6ca27060b80e82faa6522a616DIY project and photos credit to ohhappyday.com

Happy Birthday Washi Tape Card 1

2cf7beb3-573c-485f-b76f-85adcdffcb4f_zps27963833DIY project and photos credit to madiganmade.com

Happy Birthday Candle Card

easy_birthday_card_DIY_candle-510x340DIY project and photos credit to thethriftyginger.com

Happy Birthday Lego Card

FJ2KWK3HJKBMX0Y.LARGEDIY project and photos credit to instructables.com

Happy Birthday Cupcake Card

Roree May 11DIY project and photos credit to allyscrapsblog.blogspot.com

Happy Birthday Washi Tape 2

SONY DSCDIY project and photos credit to omiyageblogs.ca