7 (DIY) New Looks For Your Heels

Shoes, heels, high heels … that is the women fashion evolution. “High heels” is like a holy word to us women. We can never get enough of shoes shopping. But maybe sometimes unfortunately our budget cannot allow us as much pleasure as we desire, so maybe finding ourselves a new hobby by redesigning our old pairs of shoes will bring us a new form of happiness. Lets try it, it looks so girly and challenging!

!Change your shoes by the latest fashion trends!


Neon Yellow Shoes


DIY and Photo Credit to media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com

Studded Kitten Heels


DIY and Photo Credit to fashiioncarpet.com

Ruffle Heels


DIY and Photo Credit to lovemaegan.com

Quick-Chic Chain Heels


DIY and Photo Credit to becomingelizabeth.wordpress.com

Chain Heels 2

chain heels 8

DIY and Photo Credit to amarachiukachu.com

Studded Tip-Toe Heels


DIY and Photo Credit to alongabbeyroad.com

Painted Tip-Toe Heels


DIY and Photo Credit to owlandlou.blogspot.com.au