7 Healthy Basic Homemade Breads

At least once in our life we’ve passed the local bakery right at the moment the backer was shelving the fresh bread and we know that there isn’t another smell in the world that says home like the one of the freshly baked bread. Today we usually buy our bread from the local grocery store or the supermarket, and we all know that most of those bread are mass produced and with lots of preservatives and who knows what else. So, let’s try to make a healthier and tastier bread at home by following these different bread recipes.

Dakota Bread

Dakota Bread

Recipe & photo credit to kcet.org

High Protein Gluten Free Bread

High Protein Gluten Free Bread

Recipe & photo credit to cookingalamel.com

Sesame White Bread

Sesame White Bread - the long and short versions

Recipe & photo credit to cookistry.com

No-knead Bread


Recipe & photo credit to magdascauldron.com

100 Percent Rye Sourdough Bread

100 percent rye sourdough bread

Recipe & photo credit to coconutraita.blogspot.co.uk

Easy Traditional Healthy Irish Soda Bread Recipe


Recipe & photo credit to bevegetarian.co.uk

Soft and Fluffy Sandwich Bread

Soft and Fluffy Sandwich Bread

Recipe & photo credit to averiecooks.com