7 Inspirational DIY Ways to Reuse Old Jeans

We hear all around “This is the new black” and “That is the new black”! Let’s put it as “Old denim is forever the new black”. In any shape you bring it. We all have that old pair of jeans or denim jacket that is just hanged in our closet or stashed in the “maybe sometimes” section. Well, we challenge you to use your imagination and come up with a completely new product. Wake up the artist in you. Clean your closet, get the scissors, close your eyes and imagine all the things you could bring out. Here are also some ideas that might inspire you in your creations and we do want you to share those with us. Let’s denim this black together!

Denim Wine Bag Tutorial

DIY Project and Photo credit to cathiefilian.blogspot.com

DIY Denim Bins

DIY Project and Photo credit to makezine.com

DIY Chevron Pillow from Beloved Old Jeans

DIY Project and Photo credit to

Protect the Tech

DIY Project and Photo credit to instructables.com

DIY Denim Pouf

DIY Project and Photo credit to michelemademe.com

DIY Recycle Old Jeans Into Jean Slippers

DIY Project and Photo credits to haringeyskillshare.wikispaces.com

DIY Denim Flower Pot Cover

DIY Project and Photo Credit to blog.oubly.com