7 Interesting DIY Denim Projects

You must have at least one pair of jeans in your closet that you don’t really wear anymore. Maybe they’re getting a bit too snug or you’ve worn them just a few too many times, but you still can’t get yourself to throw them out. The thing about denim is that it’s tough, versatile and never goes out of fashion. So, why not repurpose them into something you can use daily, make fashionable bracelets or a denim bag. There are a lot of ideas for recycling denim that you can do yourself and these are our seven favorite tutorials to show you how to give your old jeans a new life.

Bottle Holder

denim1DIY Project and Photo credit to craftpassion.com

Denim Bibs

denim2DIY Project and Photo credit to thimblythings.com

Denim Flower Bag

denim3DIY Project and Photo credit to lovethispic.com

Denim Journal

denim4DIY Project and Photo credit to lifemadecreations.blogspot.com

Denim Bins

denim5DIY Project and Photo credit to makezine.com

Denim Bracelets

denim6DIY Project and Photo credit to avsusanne.blogspot.com

Denim Pouf

denim7DIY Project and Photo credit to michelemademe.com