7 Meatless Salty Finger Food Recipes

Have you ever been to a party where the appetizers served were so greasy and meaty that made the quests spend more time in wiping the mess they’ve made than talking to eachother? Well, don’t let your gathering meet the same fate. Make your finger food as grease-free and healthy as possible, without making your meat-loving friends feel left out. Be a little tricky in your presentation, fooling your friend into eating a fried pickle thinking it was a fried chicken finger. How to do that? Try these recipes and let your friends be pleasantly surprised.

Lime and Dill Farinata

Lime and Dill Farinata

Recipe & photo credit to cloudberriesandspice.com

Special Thai Appetizer – Mock Oysters

Special Thai Appetizer - Mock Oysters

Recipe & photo credit to thaifood.about.com

Deep Fried Pickles with Old-Style Mustard and Oregano Dip

Deep Fried Pickles with Old-Style Mustard and Oregano Dip

Recipe & photo credit to thevegetarianginger.com

Smoked Salmon Tartlettes

Smoked Salmon Tartlettes

Recipe & photo credit to strandsofmylife.com

Lentil Fritters


Recipe & photo credit to frugal-foodie-recipes.com

Phyllo Caprese Bites

Phyllo Caprese Bites

Recipe & photo credit to mikes-table.themulligans.org

Paneer Tikka With Yogurt Mint Sauce


Recipe & photo credit to foodfashionparty.blogspot.com