7 DIY New Uses For Old Socks

The sock is a dispensable and easily replaceable item of our clothing. Let’s be honest – when a sock is lost in the washing machine or a hole appears on one or both socks, we just throw them away without a second thought and just buy a new pair. Well, in the spirit of recycling, we should open our minds to the possibilities that an old sock can offer. A hand puppet, a bean bag, a stuffed toy, are but a few of the things that a sock can be used as. How to transform your old socks into some of these items? Just follow these neat DIY projects.

Draft Dodger – Cut your energy bill by 10% with an old sock

draft dodger

DIY project & credit to squawkfox.com

Odd Sock Phone Cover

Odd Sock Phone Cover

DIY project & credit to instructables.com

Baby Leg Warmers

Baby Leggings

DIY project & credit to  decorganizecrafts.blogspot.com

Cute Bean Bags from Worn Out Socks

Cute Bean Bags from Worn Out Socks

DIY project & credit to alittletipsy.com

Transform socks into warmers

Transform socks into warmers

DIY project & credit to  thelittletreasures.blogspot.com

Tutorial: Socks Owl


DIY project & credit to  whimsyloft.com

DIY Project: Argyle Sock Vases


DIY project & credit to designsponge.com