7 Playful and Fun DIY Tents for Kids

Give the children space where they can build their own fortress. It is really important the kids to have place where they can fulfill their fantasies. Kids are so fascinated by tent, tepee and canopy.  They love the adventures of camping in their home. Make tent yourself and make your child happy. You can make many different tents. For example you can make tent out of sheets or clothesline. Build wooden construction or just hang the tent with wires. It is wonderful for the kids to have tent or tepee for reading. Tents can be made inside in the house or outside in the garden. With a little effort you can make your kids happy. Have fun…

Play Tent


DIY project and photos credit to naver.com

Play Tent (with lights)

img_2784DIY project and photos credit to handmaidtales.com

Lace Tent

199-630x945DIY project and photos credit to transitoinicial.com

Indian Cozy Tent

168-630x422DIY project and photos credit to holaparasiempre.com

Big Girl Room with Tent

WHOLE-ROOMDIY project and photos credit to bobbyrabbit.co.uk

Tent with Stripe

1114-630x630DIY project and photos credit to etsy.com

Outside Tent


DIY project and photos credit to liveinternet.ru