7 Salty And Ghoulish Halloween Finger Recipes

The appetizers or often called “finger food” are an integral part of every cocktail or dinner party. But when that party is on Halloween, having finger food is not just a figure of speech. Keeping with the Halloween spirit you can try to scare and surprise your guests with some ghoulish appetizers that look like severed fingers. The fingers can be made from any food and can be suited for every taste. So, try out these scary looking treats and be the life of the party. The kids are’t the only ones who can have fun for Halloween.

Witches Finger Sandwiches

Witches Finger Sandwiches

Recipe & photo credit to foodnetwork.com

Wicked Witch’s Fingers Recipe

Spinach Witch's Fingers finished

Recipe & photo credit to bellaonline.com

Decomposing Finger


Recipe & photo credit to retoxmagazine.com

Severed Fingers With Bloody Dipping Sauce

Severed Fingers with Bloody Dipping Sauce

Recipe & photo credit to savvymom.ca

Ghoulish Fingers

Ghoulish Fingers Recipe

Recipe & photo credit to tasteofhome.com

Witch Finger Poppers and Eye of Newt

Witch Fingers and Eye of Newt 4

Recipe & photo credit to susikochenundbacken.blogspot.ca

Whole Wheat Witch Fingers

Whole Wheat Witch Fingers

Recipe & photo credit to texanerin.com