7 Stylish Black and White Living Rooms

The living room is where you meet your guests and a place for the family to spend time together. It’s the most popular room in the house, so it’s important that you carefully think through how you decorate it. Spend some time playing interior designer and make a statement with your living room. If you’re thinking about giving into the black and white trend, your living room will look modern, contemporary and super stylish. The white will keep the space looking bright, and you can make it cozy with some wood elements, or add beautiful decorations for a splash of color. Check out these designs to get some inspiration.

 Living Room with a Beautiful Fireplace

living1 Photo credit to homedesigns99.com

Living Room with Warm Beige

living2 Photo credit to digsdigs.com

Contemporary Living Room

living3 Photo credit to mokkan.com

Small Modern Living Room

living4 Photo credit to theficklefox.com

Cozy Corner Living Room

living5 Photo credit to goaltus.com

Living Room with Yellow Accents

living6 Photo credit to paloma81.blogspot.com

Living Room with Decorative Beams

living7 Photo credit to freshimprovement.com