7 Ways to Give Your Old Used Tires a New Purpose

Almost every year after we change from winter to summer tires we struggle with recycling the used ones. They are so bed to the environment, so we would all feel kind of guilty if we just throw them away. So usually, they get stored in the back of our garage. “Old tires are useless” – we all think so, but it’s so not true. We just need to be a bit creative! There are so many ways we can give our old & used tires a new purpose.

Tire + Rope Ottoman

rope-ottoman-finalDIY & Photo credit to handimania.com

Coffee/Cocktail/Dining Table

aplinkosprojektavimas._lt_blog_2013_03_prikelkime-padangas-naujam-gyvenimui-630x472manualidades.facilisimo._com1-630x495 DIY & Photo credit to architectureartdesigns.com

Pouf Stool for You or Your Pet

DIY & Photo credit to architectureartdesigns.com

Bike Racks

DIY & Photo credit to crookedbrains.net

A Little Sandy Playground for Your Children

DIY & Photo credit to fb-troublemakers.com

Old School – Always Cool Swing

DIY & Photo credit to architectureartdesigns.com


DIY & Photo credit to architectureartdesigns.com