4 Ways to Stay in Good Shape During Summer

If you are one of those people who enjoy the Summer because of the opportunity to exercise on the open, you must be aware of the risk that hot weather carries along. No worries though, you don’t have to give up on the beach workout, early morning running or hiking during summer – with adapting the proper habits you will manage to keep your good shape throughout the hot season. There are 4 Ways to Stay in Good Shape During Summer and we are giving them to you:

Clothes as your Second Skin


Wear light, comfortable clothes which allow the skin to breath. Cotton is always the right choose. If you sweat too much during outside exercises, than wear clothes made of materials like cotton that absorb the sweat while also protecting from excessive sweating. Also consider COOLMAX® and SUPPLEX®


Be Moderate


Ok, we get it – you’ve decided to shred all those pounds and cut on calories but don’t over do it. Be reasonable in the exercising tempo and with how much you expose your body to hard work outs during the hot weather. You can not expect to work out as hard as you did during the cooler seasons. Keep to exercises that you are comfortable with and that make you relaxed.


Choose Your Food Smart


Eat often taking small meals. Contrary to what is believed – heat can make your appetite rise, so keep eating normal. Try to take 5-6 small meals a day, usually containing fresh fruits and vegetables. You can try juicing which is great for summer and will keep you hydrated. Oh, and please don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water!


What to avoid


Don’t try to loose weight through sweating, at least not during the summer. That way you will only loose the excess of water your body contains and not the fat. Follow the signals given to you by your body. Good thing is that all diseases connected to being over weight give us an early warning so we can do something on time. NEVER do work outs from 10am till 3pm. If you choose the summer for starting an exercising routine start by taking small steps which means start with short and easy work outs than slowly increase the time and intensity.