6 Fabulous DIY Summer Tank Tops

You can never have enough tank tops during the summer! Tank tops are light, comfortable and fun to wear. Instead of investing in bunch of new tank tops why don’t you try to give a new twist on your old worn ones you planed to get rid of? Now, you must be thinking they are of no use and you couldn’t possibly do anything to make them wearable and trendy, but trust us – we will prove you wrong. Check out these 6 Fabulous DIY Summer Tank Tops 


1. Side Tie Tee


This one is so easy that anyone can make it in like 5 minutes! Even celebs love the style – pictured above sporting a side tie tee is Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kendall Jenner. To do a tank top as cool as this just cut the sides of an old tee and tie them at the bottom. Cool!



2. Halter Tank


Create an amazing halter tank from an old baggy shirt (you can use one of your boyfriend’s old shirts) with just a bit of cutting and no sewing!  You’ll need some chalk and scissors and that’s it. For full tutorial check this link



3. Bow Back T-Shirt


This cute tee is very popular and easy to make if you have at least basic sewing skills. You will need an old t-shirt, needle and thread, scissors and seam ripper. You would also like to have a light pencil for marking. Cut one half of a U shape in the back of the shirt.  The piece you cut out of the shirt will be used for making the bow which you will later sew back onto the shirt. For a full tutorial go here



4. Ombre Tank


First it was Ombre Hair – than ombre nails, ombre jeans… So why not try this popular look on your tank top? You will need a white tank top, blue, red and yellow dye and spray bottles. Put the dyes into the spray bottles. Start with spraying the blue color by concentrate on the bottom of the shirt the most, than giving it that “misty” look as it spreads towards the middle of the shirt. Do the same with the red than the yellow by overlapping colors to make them blend. Leave it outside to dry than wash it with cold water. Details here



5. Butterfly Back Tank


This tee is so summer perfect! All you need is a wide, sleeveless shirt made of stretchy material. Cut the shoulder and side seams of one side of the shirt. Place them right sides together than twist the shirt so the right sides meet together – Pin the seams together and sew them. For a video tutorial and details check out this 



6. Crochet Trim Seam 


Create a beautiful vintage style tank out of an old shirt. You will need a t-shirt and a yard of crochet trim. Cut the sleeves and side seams of the shirt. Sew front to back right sides together. Lay out and pin where you want the armhole to go. Top stitch new side seam leaving armhole open. Full tutorial here