5 Tips for Healthy Skin

No matter what is your age, healthy skin is not easy to obtain. First it is acne, than fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention too dry or too oily skin. Using expensive skin care products won’t improve your skin condition. There are so many easy steps to follow for a better looking and glowing healthy skin! We are giving you away 5 essential tips to include in your daily skin care routine…


foodThe foods we eat can really affect our skin. If we eat healthy we provide our skin with essential nutrition. Include red and green vegetables in your diet as they are packed with beat-carotene that is later converted into Vitamin A which fights aging and acne. Nuts, whole grains, citrus fruits, fish are just some of the foods that will make your skin look good! One extra tip – avoid salt and sugar as they are the worst enemy to your skin!




Pills or fruits

Eating healthy is a real challenge with the busy lifestyle we are all part of. Usually, what we eat is not enough for all the vitamins and minerals our body, especially our skin needs. Adding vitamins and antioxidants supplements to your daily routine is a good idea. Whit so many supplements on the market, look for the organic ones containing Vitamins E, C, A, D, and B Complex, Antioxidants like Coenzyme 10 and Alpha Lipoic and Retinoic Acid and Essential Minerlas like Selenium, Copper and Zinc.




Did you know that facial massage is the perfect alternative to botox??? Just a little oil that is suitable for your skin type warmed up between your fingers and you are ready to start! Important note – exfoliate your skin before you start the massage! For best results we suggest having a professional facial massage twice a month.


MOISTURIZE! Moisturize

There is no such thing as too moisturized skin. Use an organic moisturizer suitable for your skin type not only in the morning – but whenever your skin feels dry. Best way to boost the effect of your moisturizer – apply it while your face is still dump! Extra tips – don’t over wash your face and keep hydrated by drinking LOTS of water!




wash hands Although it sounds like a cliche, keeping your hands clean will really benefit your skin! Most of the germs that reach our face come from our hands so don’t even touch your face before thoroughly washing your hands.