5 Types of First Date Kisses and their meaning

1. Kiss on the cheek – This is a polite kiss. It can mean several things, depending on the person and how long you see each other. On the first meeting could mean that your partner is testing the situation. In this case it may mean that you need to initiate a real kiss on the mouth.

2. Quick Kiss – This type of a kiss in a new relationship usually means “I like you” or “It was fun.” This especially practice the people that are not very good in verbally expressing their feelings.

3. Kiss with open eyes – If you notice that the partner do not close his eyes when you kiss him, it means that he is more an observer than a participant in the situation. Do not bother much about him.

4. Kiss with closed eyes – This kiss is receptive. When you close your eyes, your sense of touch are amplified and therefore you can  fully enjoy the kiss.

5. Not engaged kiss – you feel like the other person is less devoted to the kissing than you? This may be a sign that he was preoccupied with other things, so this kiss leads to nowhere.