5 workouts to tighten your butt

The bikini season has already started, but if you still haven’t hit the beach because you are not satisfied with your body, don’t worry – you can get fast results by following some simple exercise that really do work!

Lets start with one of the most desirable part of the women’s body – your butt. We believe that after the abs area, the butt area is the most problematic part for each of us (Cellulite anyone???)

Start this 5 simple exercises NOW and get toned, shaped and lifted butt before the summer ends!

1. Squats with dumbbells


Squats are the most popular and effective butt workouts. Using 5 pound dumbbells will just increase your results. Keep your legs opened in shoulder-width while holding the dumbbells one in each hand. The whole point when you do the squat is to make movement similar as to sitting to a chair (an imaginary chair in this case) and try to stay in that position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position – repeat this for 3 series of ten squats.

2. Explosive Lunge


This is one of the Brazilian women favorite butt workouts and we all know how perfect their butts are! The exercises is simple – just lunge forward with your right leg until your knee is in a 90 degree position. Then comes the most important part – pushing both foot off the floor make an explosive jump while crossing your legs while in midair so you end up on the ground with your left foot in front of you. Make 10 lunges with your left foot, than switch legs for another 10.

3. Hip Lifts with an execise ball 


Hip lifts are easy and effective so you should include them in your routine to a perfect butt! Try to use a balance pilates ball for better results! When you lay on the ground make sure your hands are laying straight by your sides, lift your foot on the ball while you  your knees are bent  to a 45 degree position. Now lift your hips and butt as highest you can and hold it for 10 seconds. Slowly put your butt back on the floor. Make 3 series, 10 lifts each.

4. Hip Extensions


This extensions are the only workout that targets specifically the gluteus maximus which is – believe it or not – your body’s biggest muscle! Lay on your stomach and lift your shoulders, back and butt while supporting on your elbows and knees (your hands and legs should have a 90 degree position) Keeping your leg in a 90 degree position lift it until the knee and the butt are in the same level. Slowly put your lag in the starting position. Do at least 10 extensions with each leg.

5. Step ups with dumbbells


Yes, the good old step ups will always be part of the best butt exercises. Hold the dumbbells in your hands that will stay in a straight position during the workout. You must use a step, platform or even your stairs to place of the foot and than push to the heel to move up your body. Now, concentrate all your wright on the leg you are going to step on and keep it that way throughout the workout, while the other leg is barely touching the floor. If you are in a good shape – use a higher platform, even a chair. By doing this slowly and concentrate you will really feel how your muscles tighten up!