7 Creative DIY Ideas You Can Do With Wooden Pegs

Save time for creative and interesting ideas. Make creative stuff out of wooden pegs. You can make awesome decorations out of wooden pegs or some things that can be useful for you and your home. The pegs are perfect to hold photos, notes and are great as embellishments to little party bags and other gift packages too! Also they make great fridge magnets. Just use hot glue and some small magnets to the back of the pegs. You can paint them or you can put glitter that will make them shiny and chic.

Chandelier from Wooden Pegs

250-630x422DIY project and photos credit to blogdafal.com.br

Romantic idea – Pretty Clothespins

416-630x472DIY project and photos credit to feedfloyd.com

Lace, Pearl Clothespins -Pegs

714DIY project and photos credit to etsy.com

Leave a Note Wooden Pegs

1315-630x552DIY project and photos credit to youandyourwedding.co.uk

Table Numbers

1515DIY project and photos credit to handmadeandcraft.com

Frame Guide

343-630x459DIY project and photos credit to shiz.sk

Wooden Pegs-Perfect for Holding your Picture

382-630x693DIY project and photos credit to cakeeventsblog.com