7 DIY Ideas For Your Old (& Boring) Jeans

Do you have an old out-of-your-current-fashion pair of jeans and no money for new ones? Or maybe you are just tired of the fashion that every girl in the town is wearing? Be creative! Use your old jeans, change them for your taste, and be unique!

Unique Punk Jeans


DIY & Photo credit to lucid-dreams69.tumblr.com

Use a permanent marker to write some cool stuff on your jeans, or just let friends do it for you. Its like a secret diary written in codes, it must be fun! Then you can rip them, it’s your choice, they are already cool enough!

Love Jeansb6fefebf31fa6dc05f289bda1e843cd8

DIY & Photo credit to media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com

Simple as it looks in the picture, you just make hearts in size and shape for your taste and then use a fabric paint. Suddenly your old jeans seem very lovable and trendy.

Bleach & Dye Jeanstie-dye-bleach-jeans-

DIY & Photo credit to bloglovin.com

Give yourself the pleasure to feel like a real fashion designer while doing this!

Heart JeansHEART JEANS Diy faça você mesmo handmade coração calça decoração (4)

HEART JEANS Diy faça você mesmo handmade coração calça decoração (2)

DIY & Photo credit to nopreach.com

Choose the color, choose the shape, and be proud of your new pair of jeans!

Rock n Roll Trendy Jeansdiy 78

DIY & Photo credit to dyiandcrafts.blogspot.com

Use rock-n-roll style studs to make a new & trendy pair of jeans out of your old & simple ones!

American Flag Jeansamericana-cuff-6

DIY & Photo credit to blog.freepeople.com

Use your old mini american flag for making new fashion!

Patchwork Jeanspatchwork-jean-diy_header_ENG


DIY & Photo credit to unetouchederoseeng.blogspot.fr

Just use another (jeans) textile to make a patch for you new-old denim pants.