DIY: Homemade Slime

When you are stuck in the house with the kids, you have to find fun things to do. The messier the better when it comes to pleasing kids.  If you kids get to make a mess by making their own toy before they play with it, you can be sure they will have fun for hours.  Making homemade slime is a fun time for you and for your little one, and it’s very easy to make.

Here’s what you need:


Borax powder (found in the laundry section of the grocery store)

School glue (white glue and gel glue are both fine)


2 small bowls

Food coloring (optional)


In the first bowl, mix together ¼ cup of water and ¼ tsp borax powder.  Set aside.  In the second bowl, mix together 6 tsp glue and 6 tsp water.  Add the food coloring and mix well.  Slowly mix the glue mixture into the borax mixture.  When the slime has come together, scoop it out with your hands and kneed it a bit.  You will notice that there will be some liquid left in the bowl.  Don’t worry about it.  It will become firmer the more you play with it.

Note: This slime will get stuck to clothes, but it should wash out just fine if you don’t let it sit too long.