Homemade Chicken Stock

Most of the soup bases or bullions on the store shelves are loaded with chemicals like MSG or other less than premium ingredients.  Making it from scratch is so much better.

It is by far healthier and there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to taste. The other added benefit is it costs a lot less

The first thing you do is gather your ingredients.  Here’s where you save the most money.  When you are cooking vegetables, save all the bits that you would normally throw away or compost.  Save things like the ends of carrots and onions (including the skin), and the root part of a bunch of celery.  Instead of throwing them away, put them in a freezer safe zipper bag.  When you are ready to make stock, they are all ready for use. Throw them into your stock pot with the carcass from a roasted chicken, some fresh garlic (you don’t even have to peel it), a bay leaf, and some salt and pepper.  You will also want to add a splash or two of vinegar.  Vinegar helps break down the bones and extracts all of the nutritious marrow.  Next cover it all with filtered water and set it to boil on the stove.  Cook it as long as possible.  The minimum time is 8 hours but you can easily go up to 2-3 days.  As the water gets low, add more.  When it’s finished cooking, strain the broth and either can it or freeze it into 1 pint or 1 quart portions.


The nutritional value of homemade chicken stock is well worth the time involved. When it comes to chicken stock, settle for nothing but the best.