Feng Shui Color Meanings for Home Design

According to Feng Shui the choice of the colors you use  has a great influence on the harmony of your home. By making mistakes in choosing the right colors, you are bringing negative energy into your living space. Check this guide regarding Feng Shui Color Meanings  and choose the perfect color for the perfect part of your home so you can enjoy the harmony and peace it will bring you.

1. Yellow


The first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of yellow is light. This color has the power to stimulate your brain and also encourages good food digestion. Although it is known to bring out your optimistic side, Yellow also brings out rigidness and exaggeration. In conclusion – Yellow is good for your kitchen but avoid it in your bedroom and in the rooms attempted for resting and relaxation.

2. Green


Harmony, growth, fertility and all things natural are connected with the Green color. It rests the eyes and the spirit. Greens brings optimism, freedom and balance but also envy and fraud. Avoid it in your children bedroom, living room or working space. Try adding some green in your bathroom.

3. Pink 


See the world trough pink glasses…and all things will look positive and bright! This is because Pink is the only color that doesn’t have any negative influence on the human psyche. It will bring you happiness and romantic feelings. Feel free to use it in every room – especially kids room or master bedroom.

4. Red


The most dominant of all colors, Red has the power to awake warmth, prosperity and stimulation. Be careful though – it also has negative influence as it brings out envy and shame. Use it for accenting things and have in mind that it visually shrinks the room. Avoid it in your dining room, kitchen or work room.

5. Blue


Blue is for spirituality, patience, peace. It has positive influence on faith and stability. it’s negative characteristic is the ability to accent doubt and melancholy. Blue has the perfect place in rooms meant for relaxing and resting like your bedroom for example. Keep it away from your living room, dining room or work room.

6. Orange


Orange will bring joy into your life! It is also the perfect color to use for your office, meeting room or living room cause it stimulates communication. But, it also brings out the rebel in you so avoid for small rooms and your bedroom.

7. Brown


Can you imagine that the color of the room can make you loose wight??? Well, Brown has that power! It has a positive effect on weight regulation but also on stability, self confidence and elegance. It’s bad side? Can cause depression…so keep it off your bedroom. Perfect for your working space.

8. Peach


The Chinese has this saying: ”  “Peach blossoms bring a full spring.” Peach has a positive influence on the social life of the single people. But this is a dangerous color too as it can make  married couples unfaithful. Although it is a beautiful and gentle hue, don’t even think about painting your bedroom Peach cause it will bring only trouble…

9. Black


Independence, mystery, force and attraction – they are connected to Black. It can also influence your dark thoughts and pessimism. Teenagers love using Black and it’s ok – it doesn’t have a bad influence on them. It can even work pretty good for your bedroom, just avoid using it in a room for kids under 14, living room or working room.

10. White


A new beginning…innocence and pureness. White will bring freshness in your home but it can also make your room cold and less alive. Bathroom and kitchen are ideal for using White. Skip the living room and kids room.