7 Canape Recipes For A Fancy Party

Trying to come up with the perfect appetizer for your dinner or cocktail party can be a real bother. There are so many hors d’oeuvre ideas to chose from that making the right choice can be a truly difficult task. But, we can help you by narrowing your choice in accordance with the type of party you are having. If you’re planning a fancy party and you want to prepare unusual and appealing appetizer for your guests, yet one’s who are also light and healthy, here are some canape recipes that you just might find useful and your quest will definitely love them too.

Pacific Coconut Fish Canapes

Pacific Coconut Fish Canapes

Recipe & photo credit to peasepudding.wordpress.com

Cheese Canapes

Cheese Canapes

Recipe & photo credit to stasty.com

Mushroom and Caramelised Onion Polenta Bites

Mushroom and Caramelised Onion Polenta Bites

Recipe & photo credit to ledelicieux.com

Anchoiade: Umami, Enigmatic and Addictive

AnchoiadeUmami, Enigmatic and Addictive

Recipe & photo credit to healthyseasonalrecipes.com

Sesame Potato Cake Canapes with Smoked Salmon

Sesame Potato Cake Canapes with Smoked Salmon

Recipe & photo credit to peasepudding.wordpress.com

Canapes With Green Bean And Leek Cream With Sage And Hazelnut Topping


Recipe & photo credit to luculliandelights.com

Strictly Larder Cocktail Party

Strictly Larder Cocktail Party

Recipe & photo credit to wscwong.typepad.com