7 Recipes For Coffee Candy Bites

The morning cup of coffee has become a ritual and necessity for many of us who need an extra kick to jump-start the day. And often we replenish that dose of caffeine several times during the day. Although it gives us additional energy and keeps us alert, that caffeine addiction is not very good for our health. Many may replace the caffeine rush with a sugar rush,but the effects are smaller and short lasting. So why not combine both rushes in a smaller, yet stronger and sweeter dose, like a bite-size coffee candy? And instead of buying one, make it according to your taste, with these seven sugary and caffeine filled treats.

Brownies! With Coffee!

coffee brownie

Recipe & photo credit to peterandrewryan.com

Chocolate Coffee Mousse Pyramids

Chocolate Coffee Mousse Pyramids

Recipe & photo credit to peasepudding.wordpress.com

Coffee Jello

Coffee Jello

Recipe & photo credit to foodlibrarian.com

Experiment With Agar Agar… Coffee and Chocolate Cubes

Experiment with agar aga coffee and chocolate cubes

Recipe & photo credit to en.julskitchen.com

Madeleine Recipe Challenge

Madeleine recipe challenge

Recipe & photo credit to bakelady.wordpress.com

Creamy Mocha Coffee Caramels

Creamy Mocha Coffee Caramels

Recipe & photo credit to girlcooksworld.com

Hazelnut Praline Paste / Coffee Hazelnut Chocolates

coffee ganache hazelnut praline

Recipe & photo credit to foodalution.com