7 Different Ways to Cook Potatoes

Potatoes are a vegetable that’s always hanging around in the pantry. So, if you’re wondering what’s for dinner, we picked out some recipes to show you how to make the best potato dishes to impress your family. It’s a food that’s rich in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants, and also contains complex carbohydrates that are the body’s main energy source. Potatoes are versatile and you can enjoy them in every form. You can make anything from a rich and velvety soup to crispy, crunchy, homemade chips. Roll up your sleeves and give some of these ideas a try!

Goat Cheese and Basil Mashed Potatoes

mashed Recipe and Photo credit to highheelstohotwheels.com

Cheese and Cream Baked Potatoes

baked Recipe and Photo credit to heatherchristo.com

Lemon Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

roasted Recipe and Photo credit to ladolcepita.com

Stewed Potatoes

stewed Recipe and Photo credit to cookingwithelise.com

Potato Soup with Cauliflower

potatosoup Recipe and Photo credit to wearychef.com

Potato Salad

potato-salad Recipe and Photo credit to lifesambrosia.com

Smoked Paprika Potato Chips

chips Recipe and Photo credit to damnrecipes.com