7 Interesting Nail Art Tutorials

There are tons of ideas out there to decorate your nails. If you admire nail art designs, but are too scared to do it on your own because you think it’s too difficult, we’ve got good news! It’s actually simpler that it looks and with these step-by-step tutorials, you can cancel the appointment at the manicurist and style your own nails. Nail art enthusiast are always coming up with new ways to make a nail statement, and there are various techniques to do it. Who knew you could incorporate lace or feathers in your manicure? This is our selection and some of them are super easy to do, but some might need a bit of patience and practice. Which one will you be trying out?

Splatter Nails

nailssplatterTutorial and Photo credit to prettygossip.com

Feather Nails

nailsfeatherTutorial and Photo credit to stylecraze.com

Watercolor Nails

nailswaterTutorial and Photo credit to polishandpearls.com

Lace Nails

nailslaceTutorial and Photo credit to jadeisabelle.com

Newspaper Nails

nailsnewsTutorial and Photo credit to paintthatnail.com

Beaded Nails

nailsbeadsTutorial and Photo credit to nail-art-101.com

Water Marble Nails

nailsmarbleTutorial and Photo credit to prettyplainjanes.wordpress.com