7 Gorgeous Napkin Folds

Add a special touch to your next dinner party with creatively folded napkins. Just choose a color and a pattern that you like and with these instructions it’s easy to add class to the table setting. Fold the napkin into a lily or a rose and place it into a glass or a teacup. You can also try the Fleur De Lis or the Ring Fan fold and slip on a beautiful napkin ring to style it up. Be prepared for your next event, whether you’re planning an engagement, wedding or a baby shower. Master these folding tutorials and you’ll find yourself looking forward to making a perfect presentation on your next special occasion!

Fan Fold

napkin5Tutorial and Photo credit to beyondelegance.wordpress.com

Lily Fold

napkin1Tutorial and Photo credit to mid-atlanticmartha.blogspot.com

Bow Fold

napkin3Tutorial and Photo credit to nancycreative.com

Diamond Fold

napkin4Tutorial and Photo credit to stonegableblog.com

Bishop’s Hat Fold

napkin6Tutorial and Photo credit to bhg.com

Rose Fold

napkin7Tutorial and Photo credit to stonegableblog.com

Fleur De Lis Fold

napkin2Tutorial and Photo credit to delish.com