7 Halloween Recipes For A Complete Dinner Course

Halloween is the perfect time of year to test your limits for the morbid side of cooking. So, when throwing a Halloween dinner party for your friends and family you might serve one ghoulish dish during the whole course or have bits of scary snacks  all over the table. But, if you want your whole meal to be made out of some ghoulish and scary looking dishes that will make your guests go “ewww” and “ahhh” at the same time, just follow the recipes we’ve gathered for you here. They will definitely get a few screams.

Scary Cerebrum


Recipe & photo credit to octoberlicious.blogspot.com

Creepy Creatures of the Sea Soup

Creepy Creatures of the Sea Soup

Recipe & photo credit followingmynose.com

Low-Carb Halloween Recipe: Adam’s Ribs

adams ribs

Recipe & photo credit to theroguecookie.com

Chili-Filled Coffin Recipe

Chili-Filled Coffin Recipe

Recipe & photo credit to tasteofhome.com

Meat Hand

Meat Hand

Recipe & photo credit to notmartha.org

Chocolate Graveyard Pots De Creme


Recipe & photo credit to lolfoodie.com

Meat Head


Recipe & photo credit to rufflesandtruffles.com