10 tips to keep your appliances in good shape

Appliances are a huge investment, but one you can not avoid. With the technology going forward, more and more appliances are becoming a necessity. We use them on daily basis which includes multiple times of switching off and on, opening and closing, moving around etc. Although we can not fight time as the biggest enemy of all appliances – we can surely take little  steps which are going to prolong their life. You’ll be surprised to learn this 10 tips to keep your appliances in good shape

Washing Machines

Woman loading washing machine in kitchen

We often tend to overload our washing machines in order to save water and electricity. Doing this, we don’t only lower the washing quality but we also shorten the life span of the machine. Another golden rule for keeping your washing machine in good shape is to give it an empty run once in a while. Do it using the highest temperature program and regular amount of detergent. You’ll be doing your machine a favor if you clean the lint filter as washing machines collect lint during the wash cycle and send it down the drain during the drain cycle. Have in mind that every machine washer need replacing their hoses once in 5 years.



Who wants to wash all those dirty dishes after a good family meal? Well, no one has to – that’s the purpose of dishwashers. But, we often make a common mistake by overloading the dishwasher so make sure there is enough space between the dishes so the water can freely run. By using the dishwasher regularly you prevent food and other debris to build up. Hard water is dishwasher’s no.1 enemy so use adequate products to soften the water. As with regular washing machines – an empty spin once in a while will prolong the life of your dishwasher.



In order for your refrigerator to maintain low temperature it needs weight mass inside so keep it full – even if you are not much of a cooker. Another thing that wastes our refrigerator strength is the proper door seal. Check if the seals are free from any food residue and clean them if necessary. Twice a year take time to clean the condenser coils out of dust. Most of the modern refrigerators have ice makers and water dispensers. Check the manufacturer recommendation for how often you should change the water filter.

Ovens & Stoves


The best way to keep your oven and stove in good shape is to clean it properly. Yes, we know it isn’t the most enjoyable task in the world but it is something we can not avoid. Now you must be thinking about that magical self cleaning feature…but our advice is to NOT use it. Believe us it makes more damage than good. Instead wipe the exterior surfaces with a damp sponge every time you clean the kitchen. Place a baking sheet covered in foil on the floor of the oven in case your dish spills. Clean the racks by putting them in your dishwasher. Have in mind that if your oven has a glass door it has to be cleaned when cool.

Clothes Dryers


This is just another in the line of appliances that we became dependent on. It saves us time and today time is money. The first tip to proper maintenance of the dryer is cleaning the lint filter. Create a habit to clean it after every use of the machine. Make sure your dryer vent pipe is made of aluminium – not plastic and make sure to it’s entire length for build up at least once a year. Don’t overload your dryer cause it can overheat it.


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