What Men Say VS What They Really Mean

Guys are strange creatures. We just never know what exactly is their next move or what are they really saying. It is just like they don’t have the will to tell us clearly what are they actually thinking. Often, we don’t really get their true message and we end up hurt for having greater expectations. Understanding Men is like learning a new language. In an attempt to make understanding men easier we are giving you this sort of a dictionary with the most common things men say and what they actually mean when they say it.


Men & Dates

He says: Well, i am practically Single

He means: I have a girlfriend, but you are so tensed!

He says: We should definitely hang out sometimes

He means: I am afraid you are going to say no if i actually ask you on a date


 He says: Should we split the bill?

He means: You are not really something special so i don’t wanna  spend money on you

He says: You are such a good friend!

He means: I know you are in love with me, but i don’t want us to be a couple

He syas: Talk to you later

He means: I might call you in the next 3 months

 He says: How long was your last relationship?

He means: Are you looking for an adventure or something else?


 He says: I am recovering from a nasty split

He means: I plan to recover from my nasty split by going out with bunch of girls

He says: My ex was a total lunatic

He means: I screwed up so she is pissed as hell

He says: I am bad at dating

He means: You are not good enough for me to waste my energy into our relationship

He says: Can we meet at the restaurant?

He means: You are not that important for me to come and pick you up


Men & Relationships

He says: My Family is asking about you

He means: We are definitely in a relationship

He says: My parents really liked you!

He means: I think i might be falling in love with you 


He says: It seems like he is a pretty close friend

He means: Was there something more serious between you two?

He says: Sorry i didn’t call

He means: I am not sorry, but i don’t feel like fighting

He says: My mom is always like that

He means: My mom doesn’t really like you 


He says: I don’t want to change so don’t try making me what i am not

He means: I don’t have the guts to break up with you, so i better force you to do it

He says: It seems like most of your friends plan on wedding soon

He means: Ugh, you’ll soon start to freak over getting married


Men’s Business

He says: She seemed familiar

He means: She is hot so i was checking her out

He says: That’s a men’s business

He means: If i tell you the truth you’d think i am an animal


He says: That’s a long story

He means: That’s a story in which i am not the good guy and if you hear it you will think i am an idiot

He says: My friend is so horny

He means: I am not glad he chose his girlfriend over me

He says: I cant get why girls like him

He means: I am feeling insecure so say something that will make me more self confident


He says: I was a good boy at the bachelor party

He means: Being good is a relative thing…at least i didn’t cheat on you

He says: There will be only guys

He means: I really don’t want you to come

He says: Ben is going to break up with Angela cause she is such a control freak

He means: This is a warning – i will leave you if you act like that


Men & Serious Talks

He says: I just need space

He means: I wanna break up

He says: Don’t you think that is unreasonable?

He means: Miss, you’ve crossed the line


He says: Why are you so sensible?

He means: Why are you acting like a psycho?

He says: I didn’t mean that

He means: That was exactly what i meant but seeing you so mad i regret it.

He says: Yeah, you are probably right

He means: I don’t agree with you, but i want this fight over


He says: Nothing happened, really

He means: It did happen, buti better convince you it didn’t

He says: You act like every woman

He says: I don’t understand you at all

He says: It’s fine, really

He means: No it’s not fine, but i don’t want to talk about it.


When he says what he really means

He says & means it: I really don’t want to spend a third weekend in a row with your friend who is depressed over her breakup.

He says & means it: I really don’t get that “Sex and The City” show

He says & means it: Love, i really think that can wait till after the game


He says & means it: If society rules weren’t forcing me into wearing pants, i wouldn’t wear them at all

He says & means it: I would cut off the little finger on my right hand for one night with Megan Fox, without a doubt

He says & means it: I think you will look hot in that leather mini skirt