5 Tourist Attractions in Italy

La Bella Italia! This forever attractive European country has so much to offer. History, art, the famous Italian cousin, the hospitality of the Italian people are just part of what makes Italy the perfect traveling destination…

There are so many places to visit when in Italy, it is said that “all roads lead to Rome, so the capitol is surely a one of the first that come to our mind. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Sistine Chapel in Vatican, The Canals of Venice and The Colosseum are world wide recognized tourist attraction. Italy has so many breathtaking places for you to see, so we decided to show you 5 more tourist attraction you must visit!

1. The Amalfi Coast


This area spreading for total of 50km along the side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, used to be one of the poorest in Italy. The isolated small towns were often victims of foreigners attacks, earthquakes and landslides. Today the coast is the favorite spot for jet setters, celebrities and couples seeking romantic getaway. It’s most popular town is Sorento, built on a hill with a spectacular view of the blue sea and Mount Vesuvius. Sorento is a famous resort full of small souvenir shops offering lacework, ceramics and self-produced intarsio. Don’t miss the picturesque town of Positano, with it’s peach, pink and terracotta colored houses cascading down to the sea. You will find many restaurants, fashion boutiques and hotels on the streets of Positano. This is truelly a dream place – but expensive one! Prices here tend to be higher then the rest of the coast. Visit the Amalfi Coast during Spring and Autumn as it is too crowded in Summer and almost everything is closed during the Winter.

2. Marmore’s Falls


In the region of Umbria lays one of the most fascinating areas in Italy – Valnerina. Here you can find the so called “Water’s Park” filled with untouched nature. There is a place in the park that will take your breath away at first site – massive waterfalls falling from 165 meters of height! It’s a fun and unforgettable journey to reach the Marmore Falls and to explore the park as you have to follow many trails while finding hidden corners. If you are an adrenaline junkie – try Rafting, canoeing and canyoning!

3. Murano


Glass blowing is the first thing that pops into your mind when someone mentions Murano – but did you know that there is a town in the Venetian Lagoon with the exact name and that the same town is actually the European epicenter of this technique! While exploring this small island don’s miss The Glass Museum, The Church of San Pietro and Venini – the island’s oldest glass making studio. You can also try the 3 island boat tour and get a chance to visit the near islands of Torcello and Burano. Don’t forget to buy your glass souvenir!

4. Lake Garda


Vivid nature filled with Olevs, Orange and Lemo trees, Oleanders and Cypresses are surrounding Italy’s largest lake – Garda. Also known as Benaco, the lake is located in Northern Italy between Brecia and Verona and Venice and Milan.  It’s waters are transparent and blue and it’s south side is surrounded with morainic hills. The perfect Mediterranean climate and it’s historical and cultural remains  just add a little more to the perfection of this amazing place. There are many towns around the lake, with the ancient fortified town of Sirimone located in the south part being the most popular destination because of the many hotels, restaurants, shops and fashion boutiques. Also visit the lake’s many islands especially the bigger ones like Isola Del Garda and Isola San Biagio.

5. Lake Como


Italy’s most popular lake is also it’s deepest! Surrounded by beautiful villas in front of the high hills it s the top romantic spot as well as photographers favorite. Oh, and celebrities’ favorite too – thanks to George Clooney who just loves spending his free time at his Lake Como villa.  It lays about 40km south of Milan in the Lombardy Region, so it makes a popular weekend destinations for the citizens of Milan. When in the region, don’t miss to visit the town of Bellagio known as the pearl of Lake Como as it sits on the spot where it’s 3 branches collide. If you like historical places – visit the walled town of Como, also famous for Silk production. The area is too crowded during the Summer, so try visiting it in Autumn or Spring. Winter is reserved for skiing on the nearby mountains.