9 Steps to Repair Your Damaged Hair

Unfortunately, hair damages pretty quickly and it takes a lot of time to repair it. Blow drying, flat ironing, summer sun, bleaching, dying are just of the many things that make your hair look dried out and have split ends and frizz. If your hair suffers weakness, dullness, dryness, breakage and flyaways you must be thinking that your only solution at the point is to cut is short. Yes, it is a smart thing to do and it will help, but if you really like your current hairstyle, why do it? There is a way to restore the healthy look of your hair. Follow this 9 Steps to Repair Your Damaged Hair and it will soon return to its glory days:

1. Deep Conditioning


Start with small but significant steps – wash your hair every other day using a small amount of shampoo and a bigger amount of conditioner. Use the conditioner mainly on the edges and avoid the scalp. Leave it for a minimum of 5 minutes than rinse. Once a week do a deep conditioning using a conditioner or a mask specifically made for very damaged hair. Apply it generously and leave it for 15 minutes.

2. Trim, trim, trim


Yes, we said we will skip the “cut your hair” solution but cutting just your hair tips is a must. This is essential in order to get rid of those split ends. Best way to do it is to visit the saloon and ask the hairstylist to trim just an inch of your hair. If you are good with scissors you can even cut the edges yourself. A good way to do it is to twist a part of your hair and cut off all the hair that stands out. This must become your habit and it should be done on regular basis.

3. Use Warm (not Hot) Water 


Hot water is not good for your hair. Period. Using lukewarm or even cold water and you will see what we are talking about. Not only will your hair return its shine and glossy but it will also lie flat without flying away.

4. Absorb excess moisture with a towel


After washing your hair, drain it using your hands than wrap in a soft towel like microfiber for example. This towel will absorb all the excess moisture from your hair and will prepare it for blow drying or if you decide to dry it naturally it will make the process shorter. If you use a hairdryer on a dump wet hair than it will take much longer to remove the excess moisture which means more time of blowing that damages your hair.

5. Ammonia-free dying formulas


The good thing about ammonia-free dying products is that they cover the cuticle and make it smoother, stronger and shinier. So, yes, against all odds, we are suggesting you to start using ammonia-free dyes even if you haven’t been coloring your hair. Choose semi permanent formulas or just a glaze. Always look for ammonia-free products! Another advantage of using them – they fade away slowly without leaving roots.

 6. Invest in a quality Hairdryer


You don’t have to give up on blow drying to save your damaged hair. Although leaving your hair to naturally dry once in a while will do it good, you can still use a hairdryer and obtain a healthy hair f you choose the right one to use. Buy one with at least 2000 watts of power and you will experience that look your hair gets when you blow dry it at the saloon. Power hairdryers dry the hair much faster and thus protecting the hair from overheating.

7. Brush Gently


Using a wide tooth comb or a brush with gentle bristles is the best way to prevent your hair from damaging. If your hair is prone to tangling always use a detangling products prior brushing. Always work slowly through your hair and comb section by section. If you wash your hair before going to sleep you should put it up in a ponytail or braid it to prevent extra tangling.

8. Moroccanoil Hair Oil Treatment


Probably the most popular hair treatment that really works! Celebs love it, hairstylists love it, we love it! It is a simple treatment you can do by yourself – apply the oil while your hair is still wet using a small amount of the oil. Work through the ends of your hair than proceed with the regular drying process you normally use. The result is a silky and smooth hair that begs to be touched.

9. Healthy food – Healthy hair

Cheerful blonde woman holding a bowl of vegetable salad and she is eating it.

You probably heard this hundreds of times but this is actually the best advice we can give you in order to obtain healthy hair. Water, vitamins and good nutrition is essential for shiny, glowing hair. Try to eat products rich in Omega 3 Acids known for its benefits for the hair. Carrots, Spinach, Avocados are juts a couple of the vegetables and fruits that improve the hair quality.