DIY Trendy Tassel Earrings

Tassel Jewelry is so popular right now so we decided to show you an easy DIY Earrings tutorial! You don’t have to be very creative and crafty to make this one so just follow the steps and you will be surprised by the final product!


What you will need is to make a  pair of tassels by cutting 25-30 pieces of embroidery thread  in 8-10″ lengths for each tassel then tight them up (you can also buy a pair of already made tassels)  Choose the color that you like best. Second thing you need for this DIY tassel earrings is some old buttons and a pair of  flat studs and backs which are quite easy to find and cheap. Lastly you  will need scissors and glue gun. 

Now comes the DIY part: Secure the embroidery thread into a tassel by tying a knot at the top. Do the same with the other thread.  Glue the tassels onto the flat studs than  some glue on the back of the buttons. Place the studs with the tassels attached onto the button. Let them dry over the night. 


diy-earrings_02That’s it ladies, these DIY Trendy Tassel Earrings are so easy to make and guess what? They make a perfect gift! Try making some for all of your girlfriends using their favorite colors and materials. Have Fun!